A novel by Kate Coscarelli

The setting is glamorous Beverly Hills, where casual sex and good weather are taken for granted, driving ambition is commonplace, and true love is the rarest commodity of all. Four women, all of a certain age, all friends, face major, potentially devastating, changes in their heretofore well-ordered lives.

Peach - blonde, beautiful, wealth, and newly widowed, seems to find love in the arms of the very young and handsome Jason, Hollywood's hottest new actor. Then, Pierre Senseney, the suave, gray-templed cosmetic surgeon, steps into her life...

Grace - bound to Peach by their mutual love for Peach's late husband, she owns the beauty salon favored by Hollywood's beautiful people. Tough, bitter, scarred by a brutal past, Grace would do anything to protect her beloved daughter---even commit murder.

Maggie - after years of playing second fiddle to her high-powered husband Kirk, she suddenly finds herself the most sought-after interior designer in Beverly Hills. Will her success exact too high a price?

Laura - domesticity is her forte. Perfect wife, perfect mother, wonderful hostess...but is that enough to keep her handsome, ambitious, physician-husband out of the clutches of sex symbol Ghilly Jordan?

FAME AND FORTUNE has it all--exciting sex, horrifying violence, passionate struggles for power, security, survival--played against a glittering background of wealth and glamour. An unforgettable, emotionally satisfying story in the tradition of Judith Krantz and Danielle Steele, FAME AND FORTUNE marks the debut of an important new novelist.

Published in hardcover by St. Martin's Press, April 1984



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