A novel by Kate Coscarelli

Lilah Conway is an executive's wife with a handsome husband, two great kids, and a lovely home in a posh Chicago suburb. Her life seems ideal. She's perfectly content. Until...she discovers she's not who she thinks she is, and furthermore, has a twin sister, Rose Wilkins--a beautiful singer who has won fame and fortune in the entertainment world. Rose appears and desperately needs Lilah's help in a challenging game of deception.

Thus the stage is set for Kate Coscarelli's newest blockbuster, as the bestselling author takes you to the highest reaches and lowest depths of life among the super-glamorous of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. When Lilah Conway agrees to impersonate her twin sister to allow Rose to escape the hideous hold that fabled male star Craig Kimball has on her, she thinks she is acting out every woman's fantasy of success. But this exciting deception soon threatens to degrade and destroy her.

In the exhilarating, romantic, and glitzy tradition of Fame and Fortune and Perfect Order, which inspired the Los Angeles Times to say that "every woman over the age of twenty ought to buy three copies," this luscious page-turner has a supercharged exquisitely authentic background of life in the fast lane...two fascinating women, so alike yet so very different...and one of the most villainous yet compelling men in recent fiction. LIVING COLOR is a dazzlingly passionate novel, alive with that special brand of reading entertainment that is Kate Coscarelli's trademark and the delight of her millions of fans.

Literary Guild Alternate
Doubleday Book Club Selection

Published in hardcover by NAL Books, May 1987
ISBN 0-453-00533-0



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