Kate Coscarelli, the author of the bestselling novels Fame and Fortune, Perfect Order, Living Color, Pretty Women, Leading Lady, and Heir Apparent did not start her literary career until her children were married and settled into homes of their own.

Kate, who is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, worked for two years as a newspaper editor before she married and followed her husband, Donald Coscarelli, who was then an Air Force officer, to Tripoli, Libya where they lived for three years. She and her family settled in Southern California in the late fifties and lived in the Long Beach area until 1985 when they moved to Los Angeles. She also has a home in Rancho Mirage where she does much of her writing.

Before embarking on her literary career, Kate was involved in community affairs and was the first woman to chair the Long Beach Heart Association. For several years she worked with her husband and son producing major feature films, serving in various capacities, first as the commissary and gofer, then graduation to makeup artist, costume and scenic designer. Her involvement in the film industry, gave her a unique perceptive on the temperament of actors as well as the people working behind the cameras.

She drew on her Hollywood experience to create Leading Lady, which was a main selection of the Doubleday Book Club and a Literary Guild book. In its laudatory review commending her "delicate satire" and "subtlety of wit," the Los Angeles Times declared that "Coscarelli has worked the novelist's magic."

Kate's first novel, Fame and Fortune, elevated her to the ranks of bestsellerdom, not only in the United States but in many countries worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages. All of her subsequent novels were successful internationally, and in Finland in 1987, Perfect Order was the highest selling book by an American author. In its review of that book, the Los Angeles Times commented: "Kate Coscarelli has her finger on the pulse of the female half of the nation. Every woman over twenty ought to buy three copies."

All of her novels have been selections of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs. In 1989 the Palm Springs Womens' Press Club named her the Author of the Year, and in 1993 Kate was nominated for a Career Achievement Award in the Contemporary Novel by Romantic Times Magazine.

She has two children, Don Coscarelli, a successful film writer-director, and Dr. Anne Coscarelli, a clinical psychologist and Director of the Rhonda Fleming Mann Center for Women with Cancer at the University of California at Los Angeles.



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