A novel by Kate Coscarelli

"Move over Judith Krantz and Jackie Collins!" was how the critics greeted Kate Coscarelli's first novel, the national bestseller Fame & Fortune. Now she moves into an even higher gear with a novel that pulls out all the stops in telling it as it really is for the super-rich, the super-powerful, and the super-sexy. This fast paced, luscious page-turner is about three women living and loving in Manhattan's glamorous world of jet-set society and high-level political deals--where the best of everything is clearly labeled and extravagantly priced.

Cake and Vanessa are two ordinary L.A. ladies until they decide to pack up their dull lives, move to New York City, and assume more exciting identities. Arriving separately in the Big Apple as Trish Delaney and Ann Fitzgerald, they meet in Senator Red O'Shea's campaign office. Trish is set on reviving an old love affair with the presidential hopeful, and Ann has some vital information she secretly wants to pass along to him. Trish and Ann soon discover that they're not the only ones with passionate interests in the charming, handsome senator. Millie Burton, an ex-Berkeley flower child, now an elegant young New Yorker, has come down from her posh penthouse to enlist in the senator's campaign too. Exhilarating, glitzy Manhattan, with its whirlwind of social, political, and romantic intrigues, sets the stage for this dazzling novel of passion, money and power. And in the spotlight, thriving on every bit of excitement and glitter the city has to offer, are three beautiful women, risking everything to have it all.

Published in hardcover by NAL Books, September 1986

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