"Kate Coscarelli takes the worlds of Clancy, Top Gun, et al., and exposes the other side, the world of women married to the military. It is an unforgettable story, as full of drama and excitement as a 21-gun salute."
- Fred Mustard Stewart, author of The Mephisto Waltz


A novel by Kate Coscarelli

Two extraordinary women, bound together by a shared past and united once more by a secret scandal, take center stage in Kate Coscarelli's spellbinding new novel about the lives and loves of post-World War II U.S. Air Force officers and their wives.

The naive, pretty women who followed their Air Force husbands to an American base in Tripoli, Libya, after World War II were unaware of the drama and scandal that awaited them there. Three of the brightest and most beautiful young women quickly became best friends: fiery Samara, quizzical Tess, and sexy Chili. But when tragedy struck and their world exploded, Samara and Tess were left to pick up the pieces and put them back together themselves.

Now, decades later, Samara heads a major Hollywood studio, Tess is battling for a prestigious university chancellorship, and both are stunned by a letter that reawakens their memories of days that seem so long ago and so very far away. In that letter they learn that many years ago in Tripoli they were innocent accomplices in the cover-up of a brutal and mysterious death. Faced with this terrible truth, Samara and Tess must grapple with the dangerous choice of bringing a grim, carefully concealed crime to light and its perpetrator to justice...or leaving the dark, forgotten past buried and its tragic consequences unavenged.

Thus begins an irresistible blend of riveting suspense in the fast track of the present, and a stirring rendering of the way we were in a 1950's world of innocence and illusion, when clean-cut young men with wings on their uniforms and starry-eyed brides set off to live "happily ever after", ignorant of the hardships and challenges awaiting them.

In her most compelling novel yet, Kate Coscarelli has fashioned a moving novel of love and intrigue, alive with realism from her own personal experiences, and bittersweet with memories that capture the spirit and tide of great events over three decades.

Published in hardcover by NAL Books, June, 1989



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